THE SPIRITUAL HEALING - love in action!

The spiritual world says about Gustav-A. Hossenfelder, who practices as non­medical practioner, healer and initiatory (spiritual) therapist in Dreieich near Frankfurt/Main and whose unusual healing powers already have had a beneficial effect for so many people:

"He is a gifted and competent Spiritual Healer, who has committed himself to the service of love!"And he himself says about his work: Every bodily illness has its cause in abnormal mental behaviour and arises out of a lack of con­sciousness for the reality of life. Healing is therefore not just about the body, about making it healthy and without pain again, but healing is especially about the realization of spiritual coherence of health and illness, about the understanding for the causes of illness.

The way of life is for all people always a way of truth finding and of spiritual growth. A way out of imagebound illusions into the light of reality, into mentalspiritual maturation and development. And every person, whether he wants to or not, whether conscious or unconscious, goes the spiritual way of becoming healed, goes the way into the light - towards God! Whether this way is painful, marked with illness or free from grief, is up to the person himself. The way to god is always a way of (unfortunately often very painful) spiritual growth into the All-One-Con­sciousness, into the light of divine love – because all life comes out of the light and returns back to it. And it is always the light, the Holy Spirit with his energy, who consequently influences and shapes all life. So also in the spiritual healing, because here, in an illness process about the spiritual light, a change will be caused in the atoms, the molecules and therefore also corresponding with this in the cells, the cell tissues, and the organic areas of the body.

Through spiritual healing, and with the help of god, a spiritual transformation can therefore be caused, a remodelling be reached, can inner hardening be relaxed and released! But there must always be courage and inner willingness, to inwardly give up old beliefs and dogmas, that is, earthly illusions, that bind to the world. Realiza-tion of reality must be lived and with that the willingness and devotion to truth, otherwise the joint work of healing was to no avail. Release from illness and mental sorrow can only happen when the person seeking healing entrusts himself to his inner divine guidance – not blocking this healing process, through mental control out of fear (even fear of the healer). The seeker of healing should, in the spiritual healing, not devote himself to the healer, the tool, but devote himself to God! To devote himself to the healer would be synonymous with idol worship, with human dependence, which can not be, and is not, in the sense of love!

You are what you think – the mind forms the matter, the shape. Bodily illnesses are therefore only symptoms, whose causes always manifest themselves mentally as lack of life con­sciousness and the spiritual world says to that:

„A sick person has notunderstood the spiritual laws in his life! A life, in which ripening is not lived, is a useless life! And god does not allow you to come to earth in order to stand in a useless life, no! That means therefore, if spiritual alertness is not being lived, then compensation, purification will be lived through illness, through pain, through suffering. Because through illness you can also find humility. If a person is in harmony with himself and therefore with the earth, if he is in harmony with himself (and his neighbour) and therefore in harmony with the cosmos, with god, then he cannot become ill! He can perhaps bear the illness of another and endure it for him (as some of the initiated do out of love for others), but he himself can not become ill. Everywhere where harmony is, disharmony can not be, therefore there is a healthy body!

Each negative thought and/or feeling follows energy, which through manifestation becomes fixed and blocks life energies. Illness develops through thinking and feeling which is connected to the nervous system. Unnecessary worries, envious, hateful or jealous thoughts, fear and rage, as well as being too greedy in all areas of life, have, through the nerves, a disastrous effect on the body and the frame of mind. Many people also become ill, because they continuously „sell" themselves to others as so called „good" people, in order to "earn love." Outwardly they are actually „kind" and always helpful, but the expectation of „reimbursement of love" is great in these people and if disappointed they react accordingly with annoyance and inner anger, which eats them up inside and causes inner hardening and cancer too. What counts is this: give, if you want to give, but don‘t be „good" about it, be truthful, say more often no to others and yes to yourself! If negative thinking or inner anger occurs over a longer period of time or even permanently as a habit (e.g. also as unconscious belief system in one‘s own lack of selfesteem), then we inevitably become ill. This is a spiritual law and a fact that everyone has more or less experienced for himself, e.g. through emotional stress. Not god – as so many still believe – sends us illness on the basis of our „sins", for our „guilt" as punishment, no, we produce illness as a consequence of a spiritual resistance and wilfulness to embrace a view of life that separates us more and more from HIM, and so from our own divine self. We are, through our thinking, feeling and doing in the world, the architects of our own good fortune or bad luck – as well as of our own healing!

Seminars „RE-LIGIO of Healing" should and will help to deepen and elucidate the consciousness for spiritual coherence of life and the complex energetic connections between the fine material (invisible) levels of the mental body (psyche and thought), the astral body (feelings and emotions), the etheral body (nerves and vital powers) and the physical body. Everyone is capable of learning to understand the spiritual causes of physical symptoms and disorders as illness, and also how we can best deal with them in everyday life. Psychological and physiological blocks are mainly built through unconscious upbringing- and belief patterns, which at one time were (unfiltered) taken over from others and are now the unconscious „shadows", that became the belief dogmas of today‘s life. These shadows begin to diminish through self-realization, the realization that occurs during spiritual healing, the reason why during or after the healing so often deep feelings of sorrow, or first of all increased pain, can appear – a healing process! We experience through the distinctly felt healing current, that true spiritual healing has nothing to do with „wonder healing", but is a divine law of life, which is subject to the eternal laws of love and light.

What is a spiritual Healer? A competent healer is one who has received his calling from the spiritual world and is a spiritual channel, a medium of light in this world. That means, that the light of life flows in him and through him as a spiritual healing current and is conducted to those places in the body which are darkened, and therefore "ill." For if the cells (light vibrates in the nucleus of a cell) lack the spiritual light, they will die, the cell death takes place and illness occurs or life comes entirely to a standstill, because light is life and expression of divine infinity – eternal life! When a person opens himself to the light, for god, so can the body, as well as the soul, so can all of the emotions and the mind too, be reached and healed at it‘s deepest spiritual level – this is the kind of healing that lasts!

Spiritual healing is therefore the way of realization and of trust in the divine guidance. If both are lived, then it is the surest and at the same time the most painless type of healing process, yes, even the most risk free, as it has in addition to medication, no side effects.

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